Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to curl your eyelashes

Hi ladies,

I've been curling my eyelashes for as long as I can remember. I don't have long eyelashes to begin with, so my only help is to curl them and to put lots, and I mean lots, of mascara on them :-)

Before curling my eyelashes with my eyeslash curler, I like to moisten them first. Believe it or not, I put vaseline on them. I use the vaseline in two different manners.

Before I shower, I put a little bit of vaseline on the tip of my finger and rub it onto my eyelashes. I do not wipe it off, I simply go in the shower and wash my face as usual. When I get out of the shower, I make sure to dry my eyes when I dry my face so that my eyelids are not greasy from the vaseline. However, my eyelashes still stay nice and moist. This is when I curl my eyelashes ladies, and they will stay curled all day. Then, I apply my mascara for length and volume,

Sometimes, I forget to apply the vaseline before I shower, so the other manner in which I use it is to put some vaseline on the tip of my finger and rub it onto my eyelash curler directly. I only put a little bit, since I don't want my eyes to be greasy.

Another great use for vaseline is as an eye make up remover! :-)  But that's a topic for a whole different blog!  And more great thing about vaseline, it is inexpensive, but very effective

I hope you found this information helpful! <3