Thursday, January 2, 2014

Daily Eyeliner Routine

Hi ladies,

Many of you have asked me about “what eyeliner I use” or “which I eyeliner do I recommend.” About a year ago I started using gel eyeliner and I absolutely love it. The eyeliner I use and recommend is the “L’Oreal infallible lacquer liner.” I’m in love with this product. It lasts all day long! I used to use a pencil eye liner but it would always smudge or wear off at the end of the day. This eyeliner does not do either of these things. It also comes with a brush for a better application. The brush allows me to draw a perfect line with it. However, that is my opinion, and of course you can use it with any other eyeliner brush you have.

Eyeliner is one of my favorite cosmetics to use when applying makeup. If I don’t apply eyeliner to my eyes, I feel they look bare. I can live without eye shadow, but not without eyeliner and mascara.

Some of you have also asked for a daily eyeliner routine. As I mention above, I do wear eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis, unless I’m lounging around the house all day where I don’t wear any make up.

I took some pictures to show you what I do for a daily eyeliner routine, and what products I use. It is very simple and again you do not need eye shadow to make your eyes stand out.

I hope you find this entry interesting and useful!! Thank you so much for reading!

So here is a picture of my favorite gel eyeliner! As I mentioned before, it comes with a brush which gives you a great and effective application.

What is also great about this product is that it lasts forever, since you do not need to apply a lot on the brush. All you need to do is tap it and just get a decent amount on your brush. If you want to get a thicker line just repeat the process and just keep applying until you have achieved the look you want.

This is optional, but I also like to apply eyeliner on the bottom eyelid.

After I’m done applying my gel eyeliner, I go ahead and start applying pencil eyeliner on my waterline. I like applying eyeliner on my waterline, since I’m not wearing any eye shadow I still want it to look like I have lots of eye makeup. I do my bottom waterline, and also my top waterline. I do my top so when I apply mascara it looks like I have more and thicker eyelashes.
The pencil eyeliner I use is from Avon. I have very sensitive eyes, and I have found this is the only pencil eyeliner that does not irritate them.

To complete my eyeliner look, I apply my favorite mascara which is the “L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black.” If they ever discontinue this mascara I will have a heart attack!  It makes my eyelashes look so long and nice! It is definitely one of the best drug store mascaras out there!

So there you have it! That’s my eyeliner daily routine! Of course you can skip some steps if you think it is too much.  Perhaps you don’t use the pencil eyeliner on you waterline or don’t do eyeliner on the bottom eyelid.  Your make up is of course your preference and what you think looks best on  you.

Again, I hope this helps! Let me know if you try it and how you like it!! THANK YOU!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Awesome Nail Polish Wall Rack

Hi ladies!!
Happy New Year!
I just want to write a quick post on this "Nail Polish Wall Rack" I bought online. It can hold up to 90 nail polishes! I'm going to show you the pictures I took, and you can judge if you like it or not!
Enjoy! :-)

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