Friday, November 11, 2016

Perfect Burnt Orange Top

Hi Ladies,

I was browsing through my closet the other day and I noticed I had a lot of burgundy and olive green tops and dresses for Fall. I noticed I did not have anything terracotta color, which is also a very popular color for the Fall. So a few weeks ago, I went shopping with my mom and I was on a mission to find tops and dresses in that color.

I ended up finding three tops that I really liked. I decided to do a blog post wearing this top I found in Macy's, since it has a very unique look and I did not have anything that looked like it. It is more of a boho style.

I decided to pair it up with black leggings, black boots and a black hat. I also wore a choker with this outfit, since it is also very trendy this Fall.

I hope you enjoy this look,



Top: Macy's