Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crop Top & Polka Dots Outfit

Hello Ladies,

So for this post I wanted to create a girly, flirty, and warm-weather outfit. I've seen crop tops for a long time now, but I never felt confident about wearing one. I bought 3 crop tops last summer to wear on my summer vacation, which was a cruise to Bahamas. Little did I know, I was going to eat so much on the cruise that it would prevent me from wearing any of them! LOL!

I'm going on vacation again this summer, so I have been trying to eat healthy and workout whenever possible. My husband is a personal trainer (Kev-D Fitness) so he helps me out as much as he can.
I have made some good progress losing weight, so I started to feel more comfortable and confident about wearing a crop top, and I decided why not do it now. I decided to pair the crop top with a  polka dot high waist skirt, which does not show my entire stomach. I also think the polka dot high waist skirt has that girly look I was going for. If you are someone who prefers not showing your stomach, you can also wear a bodysuit instead of a crop top.

Just to spice up this outfit a little bit I decided to wear a decent size necklace with flowers.  I feel it adds to the warm-weather, spring-like look. To make the outfit flirty, I decided to wear high heels and a carry a Chanel bag.

I hope you enjoy this look!!! Thank you for reading!!

<3 Pia

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Forever 21 (SIMILAR)
Crop Top: Forever 21 (SIMILAR)

Sunglasses: Coach
Earrings: New York & Company
Necklace: Burlington (SIMILAR)
Heels: Candie's (Via Kohl's)
Bag: Chanel

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jumpsuit Trend

Hey ladies,

So this new post is all about the "jumpsuit trend." I have been seeing jumpsuits and rompers all over the fashion pages I like on Instagram and Facebook. I would say they are very "IN" this spring. I spotted this jumpsuit I am wearing in my pictures about a month and a half ago at the New York & Company web site. I purchased it because I really liked how it looked on the model, although I was not sure what size to get. I ended up ordering a small, even though, I usually buy extra small clothes from New York & Company and I am a size 2 in pants. I did not want to get the extra small since this jumpsuit is a shirt and pants combined, and I thought since I am size 2 in pants, the extra small would be too tight around my hips (I assumed extra small would be better for a person who is a size 0 in pants). So when I received my jumpsuit, I was so excited and I immediately tried it on. I liked how it looked, however I thought the top was a little too loose on me. I also felt there was the need for a belt around the waist area, so as you can see I wore one for the pictures.

I checked for this jumpsuit about a week ago at the NY&Co. web site and it was still in stock. I went to check for it today and it is not on the web site anymore. If you would like purchase it, I would continue to look for it since they might bring back in stock again. If not, New York & Company just added more jumpsuits on their collection that look amazing.

Overall, I was happy with the way my jumpsuit looks. I love the black and white combination, and I think it gives the jumpsuit a sophisticated look. I believe it can be worn for work, to go out to dinner, or even a night out.

I paired the jumpsuit with black high heels and a black bag. I also decided to put my hair in a pony tail to continue to give it that sophisticated and delicate look that I was going for.  The thing I also like about a pony tail is it allows me to show my neck and shoulders and makes me look taller and leaner.

 I hope you enjoy this look! And hurry up! Get a on board with this jumpsuit trend!! :-)

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: New York & Company


Sunglasses (optional) : Coach
Bag: Coach (SIMILAR)
Heels: Candie's (via Kohl's)
Bracelet: New York & Company
Earrings: New York & Company